About Sadim

Founded in 2010, the company has specialized in  the manufacture of Egyptian Damietta Classic furniture, Astel, wedding hall furniture, hospitality hall and palaces, and based on an optimistic vision for the hospitality and tourism market in Saudi Arabia. Due to the steady increase in the number of tourist establishments and high growth rates. And the growing demand for the sector, and the belief in the necessity and quality of a professional work system, to provide products, solutions and services for the hospitality sector in the Kingdom.

Since that year, the company has continued to grow and develop at all levels to become one of the most important institutions in the field of hotel consultancy, and the ideal destination for customers seeking excellence and quality in the delivery of hotel products and solutions.

We provide hotel consultancy and the latest innovative international designs to suit all tastes and fulfill the desired purpose according to the needs of the customer.

All our products are of high quality made by technicians on the highest level of training, efficiency and accuracy.

With years of extended experience and credibility with customers and the quality of the products, we offer we have gained the confidence of our customers that we do not give up.

Our Mission

Enhancing the concept of hotel consultancy and guiding the employees in the tourism and hotel sector to the presence of local companies working in the field of studies and consulting

Hotels and Resorts in accordance with international and local standards by providing studies, consultations and recommendations for classification, preparation,pre-operation studies and studiesduring operation to ensure the highest level of excellence and quality to achieve the highest profitability possible from the tourist establishment.


Why we?

Our previous business

We have implemented many works with a large number of establishments and individuals within the Kingdom, including, but not limited to:

تأثيث قاعات افراح
منتجع كورال بيتش
تأثيث قاعة الضيافات العسكرية
منشأة القوات الجوية في تبوك
تأثيث قاعة الضيافة العسكرية
معهد سلاح المدرعات تبوك
تأثيث قاعة الضيافة الملكية
دار المشاة في تبوك
تأثيث فندق الثريا
فندق الثريا في مكه
تأثيث فندق دار الضيافة العسكرية
فندق دار الضيافة العسكرية بتبوك
الاجنحه الملكيه فندق راديسون بلو
فندق راديسون بلو
فرش مجالس
قبيلة المحامض في نجران
ثأثيت قاعات
قاعة نسايم ليل في جدة
ثأثيث قاعات
قاعة اللقيا في الحمدانية بجدة
ثأثيت فنادق
فندق رمادا شارع فلسطين جدة
ديكورات وتاثيث مطعم
مطعم انتر كوت الحمرا

Pictures of some of our products

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